Safety and Rescue Equipment (Fl 29600 – 30699)

TitleAircraft Used InRangeFL Number 
Fallschirmjager Drop Canister for Weapons *N/AN/AFL 29680FL29680-para drop canister
Packet Of yellow dye used to show your position if downed in the oceanVariousN/AFL 30024
Telescopic Yellow signal FlagVariousFL 30037
Life Vest Model 10-30B-2VariousN/AFL 30154-2
Fallschirmjager Parachute storage bag *N/AN/AFL 30220FL30220-parachute storage bag
Parachute 5 point harness buckleVariousN/AFL 30232
Fallschirmjager Drop Canister parachute *N/AN/AFL 30235FL30325-Drop canister parachute
Parachute Type Rufa 12-bVariousN/AFL 30245
Oxygen SystemAr234B-1, Bv155 V2,N/AFL 30403-1
Oxygen flow meterVarious, Do335, Fw190 A1-4, Fw190 D9, Ta152 H-0,N/AFL 30489FL30489-O2 flow meter
Oxygen Pressure Gauge - Sauerstoff-DruckmesserDo355, FW190, Ta152 H-0, Go229, Ju87, He72 He219, Ju88, Bf109, Me1630 - 250 Kg/cm2FL 30496FL30496-o2 pressure guage
Oxygen ValveAr234B-1, Bv155 V2, Do335, Fw190 A1-4, Fw190 D9, Ta152 H-0,N/AFL 30508
Protective Goggles Against FragmentsN/AFL 30550
ValveN/AFL 30572FL30572-valves